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How It Began… Turning Struggle Into Strength!

First Company Pink is a not for profit organization on the frontline of PREVENTION . While raising funds for life saving BREAST CANCER RESEARCH, we also promote and support education and public awareness projects. We are vigilant in our effort to eradicate breast cancer in this lifetime. 

With these two powerful words “got checked?” the campaign was born…  A NEW FACE OF BREAST CANCER AWARENESS started taking shape, a message delivered through music, videos, youth’s literature, fitness gear & fun.  read MORE





got checked? 

got checked?” The Campaign

Our Strategy To Reach Every Age Group…

Breast Health In Schools. Yeah, You Know That’s Cool!

While always supporting research towards a cure, we are today LASER FOCUSED ON EDUCATING OUR YOUTH about their breast cancer risks, allowing them to discover firstly, the life saving power of PREVENTION and secondly the basics of early INTERVENTION thus leading them to early DETECTION.

With a 2% yearly increase in metastatic breast cancer diagnosis in young women we can no longer overlook the fact that 1 in 227 women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer between the age of 30-40. Through a fresh and current approach using tools such as music, videos, and our new book “Decode Your Future” we are able to reach a new audience of young women. These are the women for whom we created our ……. got checked? PLAN OF ACTION.  read more

Mammograms help detect breast cancer earlier, they save a lot of people tons of aggravation and pain and possibly their lives. Since we clearly see so many cases that do not fall under any risk criteria, MAMMOGRAMS SHOULD READILY BE AVAILABLE TO ALL AT A YOUNGER AGE. As we always profess, no soldiers are left behind. While we empower and educate our millennials, what do we offer to our “Generation Y?” Probably the most vulnerable one, mostly uninformed and unengaged.

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